2018 IAP2 Australasia Conference

Shake it up 

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GOLD COAST 23-25 October, 2018


The full conference program is currently in development.

Tuesday 23 October

Registration open
Afternoon workshops and tours
Welcome Reception

Wednesday 24 October

Conference breakfast
Keynote sessions
Breakout sessions
Core Values Awards Gala Dinner

Thursday 25 October

Keynote sessions
Breakout sessions
Conference close


The People theme will focus on overcoming barriers to participation - showcase examples of community led engagement, tools for building capacity in your organisation or community and designing inclusive approaches.

People are at the heart of engagement, they are why we engage and they dictate how.

The digital age offers new possibilities to reach people more than ever before, to overcome barriers and traditional hurdles. Community led engagement is the way of the future, join us as we showcase exemplary models, get the tools you need to build capacity in your organisation and the brush to design inclusive approaches.

The Power theme will focus on reaching the decision makers, value of partnerships, empowerment and ownership in engagement and social responsibility.

Power is not just about reaching influencers and decision makers- although that is important in terms of creating an impact, it’s about the empowerment of individuals.

Join us as we unpack and unlock empowerment. It’s about giving a voice to the voiceless, forging partnerships for success and taking ownership to deliver outcomes.

Power is responsibility and this includes social responsibility- find out why it doesn’t have to be at the expense of financial responsibility.


The Practice theme will focus on deliberative processes, innovation, showcasing best practice locally, nationally and internationally.

Ever hear of consultation fatigue? People are tired of token efforts that lack transparency or clear process. Their cynicism grows with every attempt to seek feedback that goes on to be seemingly ignored once again. Deliberative processes have transformed 21st century engagement and will continue to play an active role in the future as people understand best practice and crave relevant information.

Deliberative polling, mapping and workshops are showcasing best practice locally, nationally and internationally. Innovative approaches like Citizens Juries are widely accepted and achieving phenomenal results that ultimately save time and money. Learn more about practical examples for your organisation that can be implemented immediately.

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